Sad, Happy Endings by Karen McCombie

sad happy endingsConfession; I’m a blubber. Any of my friends will tell you that. I was famed for crying at every kiddie concert and play when my daughter was at primary school – my buddies knew to pass me the tissues, quick!

If anyone shares their happy, sad, moving or inspiring stories with me, I’m guaranteed to be twinkling madly.

Watching episodes of ‘The Gilmore Girls’ with my daughter, I well up every time the theme song kicks in.

gilmore girls

And when I’m writing the endings of my books… well, I just make sure I’m at home for that, and not writing in a library or café, because I know I have to have a little cry at the last page or I’m not doing it properly!

So, as this is my last post for ‘Girls Heart Books’, I’m feeling a bit mushy around the edges. It’s been a lovely, positive club to belong to.

Huge thanks to Jo Cotterill for coming up with the idea, and for putting so much energy and enthusiasm into it over the last few years.

All that’s left to say is a huge, loud CHEERS! to Jo, all the other fab authors who’ve been part of the ever-evolving GHB gang, the bloggers who’ve supported it, and of course ALL YOU GORGEOUS READERS! And here’s to sad, happy endings…

Now where’s that box of tissues gone… #sniff #parp

Karen McCombie :c)


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