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Walking Mountain Coming Soon – Joan Lennon

It shouldn’t have happened.  As the Drivers watched the meteor streak towards the blue-green planet, they knew they were watching the end of a world.  They knew it was their fault.  And they knew what they had to do … 

It’s no secret that the Mountain walks – but now, unbelievably, catastrophically, it has started to walk backwards!

Pema’s life is all about taking care of things, Singay’s is all about messing them up. But when they hear someone crying inside the Mountain they have no choice but to work together, catapulted into a race against time.

From the Mountain all the way to the Sea, dangers abound. People, places, animals – nothing is what it appears to be.

And the price of failure?  The end of the world … again.


I’m sad to say goodbye to Girls Heart Books but glad to say hello to my new book Walking Mountain

Walking Mountain

It’s coming out on the 1st of June and I hope you like it!

Cheers, Joan.

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