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This is my last blog for GirlsHeartBooks 😦 and I’m really going to miss saying hello to you each month. I’ve been looking through my old posts and seeing if there’s anything helpful I can leave you with. Lots of my posts have featured my dogs, first Traffy, then Bella and now Freya. All of them came into schools with me during school and festival visits and have met hundreds of children – must be more than a few thousand between them by now. It’s always special when they meet children who were wary of dogs before they met my crew! 🙂

I’ve run a few competitions to win copies of my books and also tried to let you know when there’s a writing competition I think you might like to enter. Congratulations to the winners and I hope you’ll continue to enter writing competitions in the future.


Some of my favourite blogs were when I wrote about Esther the Wonder Pig (she’s now just about to have her own TV show) and other animals like baby elephant Tarli.

I think when we write our posts we’re always sharing who we are and what’s important to us. I love motivational blogs that say you can do anything and be anything you want – yay! And I like this one I just heard: The past is a memory and it can’t hurt you. The future’s still yours to create 🙂

I wish you the very best of everything always and many many many happy days 🙂

www.meganrix.com and www.ruthsymes.com


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