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Two books – one old, one new: by Julia Golding

Being a writer is a very strange career. Books tend to come in flurries, especially when you are the publisher’s flavour of the month. There are long pauses where you think maybe no one will want to publish you ever again…but wait, yes, another contract comes along…and you feel relatively secure for a year or so. It is definitely not for the faint hearted or those of a nervous disposition!

It’s flurry time for me in April. First the old book. The Diamond of Drury Lane, which was my first title, is being republished as a modern classic. I really like the new design which has gone back to the theatrical theme of the first version. I thought you might be amused to see the evolution of the covers – the second in line is the American edition.

It’s an honour to have a modern classic on my shelf but don’t let that make you think there is anything stuffy about my character, Cat Royal. She romps totally outrageously and irreverently through the 1790s from London, to Paris, to America, the Caribbean and Scotland. If you haven’t met her yet, do try the series and see what I mean. I’ve got a new book trailer for that too, so you can have a look at what she gets up to in the first part.

The new book is the last in the Struck series published under my teen pen name, Joss Stirling. I adore the covers given to this series. Do look closely at the hearts in the Scorpion on – so wonderfully chilling an image. In this last part, Scorched, Joe gets his story. The heart of the plot is a wrongly accused girl in prison on charges of murdering her father. Here’s a book trailer to tell you more.

Finally, don’t forget to use that WBD token – they go out of date today! You can use them as part of paying for a book or on one of the special WBD titles.


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