Mums and Daughters by S C Ransom

girls day out


Today I spent a rare and lovely day with my daughter, Ellie. I’ve been promising her for months (years?) that we should have a spa day, and we finally got around to organising it. She’s the reason I’m on this site blogging about writing. When she was younger – about eleven – I decided to write her a book, and one thing led to another. Since then she’s developed a stronger and stronger interest in literature. Now, I can’t promise that it was down to me that she set off on this path, but I like to think that I had some small influence on her.

She’s currently studying English at university, and has become the first reader for all my new stories. She has boundless enthusiasm, a razor-sharp instinct for what will and won’t work, and she’s a demon proof-reader. I wouldn’t dare submit a story for anything which she hasn’t read and critiqued.

One day I’m hoping that she might be persuaded to write a book with me. She insists that she doesn’t have the imagination, but I know from talking with her that that’s not the case. I think she would be a fabulous writing partner. There are a number of other mother-daughter writing partnerships (PC and Kristin Cast, for example), and I think we’d have a lot of fun. I haven’t quite worked out yet how we would manage it – probably me having the initial ideas, her working them up and reigning in some of my wilder suggestions. We could spend many spa days doing character studies and gathering material.

So keep an eye out in the future – you never know, I might yet persuade her. Would any of you fancy writing with your mothers – or daughters?

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