“A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life.”

Henry Ward Beecher

So here’s some FANTASTIC NEWS. I’m helping to set up a new library.

I’m going to repeat that. I’m helping set up a BRAND NEW LIBRARY!


Oh HUZZAH! How brilliant is that?

It’s going to be in a primary school in Oxfordshire – and hundreds of children, literally hundreds of children are going to be able to borrow books and READ them!


Again: Oh HUZZAH! How brilliant is that?

I want a Corner of Awesomeness . . . and a Corner of Hilariousness . . . and a Corner of Spectacular Spookiness . . . and a Corner of Monstrousness . . . and a Corner of Actual-Factual-Ness and lots of other Corners of Amazingness! Which, now I do the sums means it’ll have at least five corners, if not more, and will have to be a very odd shape! But who cares?


We’ll want books . . . and shelves . . . and cushions . . . more books . . . comics and annuals . . . more books . . . display boards and posters . . . and tables and chairs . . . and even more books!


I’m going to be the Patron of Reading at the school and helping create a library is my way of helping get children into reading. Because it’s pretty hard to read if you don’t have anything to read.

Since it’s Book Week I’ve been visiting schools all week – and I always drop into the school library – if they’re lucky enough to have one. Not all schools do of course, and yours might not. So if it does can I beg a favour?  Pop into the library and say a huge ‘thank you’ to the librarian – by borrowing a book!

Happy Reading and I hope you had a wonderful Book Week.









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