“EEEEEKKKK!” by Karen McCombie

My first ever book was published in 1998, which – of course – is forever ago.

My latest book – ‘St Grizzle’s School For Girls, Goats and Random Boys’ – is my 85th published book.

But whether it’s my first book or 85th, the “EEEEEEKKKK!” sensation I get seeing my book on the shelf of a shop or library for the first time never diminishes. It is SUCH a buzz, and I turn into a totally giddy Blush Monster.

So can you imagine how insanely giddy and and tomato red I got when I saw that my local bookshop – Pickled Pepper Books – was dedicating a whole window to St Grizzle’s?


Here I am, barely stopping myself from doing a little tap dance on the pavement, while Naina – 11-year-old daughter of the bookshop owners Urmi and Steven – takes my photo.

By the way, how amazing would it be as a kid to have a parents running a bookshop? Wouldn’t that be something to “EEEEKKK!” about?

Karen McCombie :c)

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