The Stars Can Stay – Margi McAllister

Does this happen to you?  The Christmas decorations have been taken down and put away, the fallen pine needles have been vacuumed from the carpet, the wrapping paper has gone for recycling, the cards are being made in to bookmarks.  It’s more than a week since Twelfth Night.  In some parts of the country this was called ‘Plough Monday’, because the earth was no longer so solid that you couldn’t get a harrow through it, and it was time to get back to work.

But Christmas has a way of staying out late.  In our house, there’s always a wee Christmas decoration – usually an elf – that escapes from the tissue paper and hangs around.  Sometimes they get away with staying out until next Christmas.  You never quite get all the tree needles up.  Cards that disappeared under the chaos come to the surface.  Gift tags turn up under chair cushions and instantly the memories wake up, memories of unwrapping presents and eating little biscuits with lovely music in the background .

I’m not much of a housework person, but today I cleaned floors and everywhere I looked, there were stars.  We’re very liberal with stars here.  We sprinkle Christmas confetti around and ping sparkly party poppers  across the table.  The dining room is covered in little shining stars, and no way was I going to get all of those up.  I thought ‘the stars can stay’.

So that’s the thought I bring to the Girls Heart Blog today.  What were your stars this Christmas?  What were the big moments, and what are the little Christmas escapes that turn up in your house?  Put them together and you may find a story in there, wriggling and glimmering to be written.  And that way you might even have, as Charles Dickens said, ‘Christmas All the Year Round’.

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