The Pesky Butterflies of Shyness by Karen McCombie

Right. So I have a new book out this month (‘St Grizzle’s School For Girls, Goats and Random Boys’) and as of tomorrow, I am off to do a whole bunch of school visits for the next week and a bit.

Now here’s the thing… I’ve been doing school visits for years. I LOVE doing school visits. BUT I still get the shy girl wibbles before I do them. And so here I am, packing my new book and putting my PowerPoint on a memory stick, and THERE are the Pesky Butterflies Of Shyness* a-tap-dancing in my tummy.

Image via weheartit.com

I’m trying to tell them I know what I’m doing, that they’re distracting me, that they need to flutter off and leave me alone. But do they go? You can guess the answer to that, I’m sure.

So all I can do is shrug my shoulders and put up with them, because I know tomorrow – as soon as I’m on the train headed for the first school in Kent – those Shyness Butterflies will have flittered off as if they were never there…

Karen McCombie :c)

Pesky Butterflies Of Shyness…sounds like the title of a new book… Ha!




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