As I’m midway through a gruelling round of edits this month’s post will be extremely, shamefully brief. Sorry. Doing the same writing routine every day, under pressure, has made me aware of the funny little rituals I follow in order to help me write. Here’s a few I thought I’d share.

Where I write:

It might be my study upstairs, the downstairs sofa or by the log burner. Over the course of the day, its usually a combination of all three.

What I wear: 

I seem to have a bit of a ‘writing’ uniform that doubles up as dog-walking attire, which consists of anything warm and comfy. This is today’s outfit- stretchy jeans, old bobbly jumper, checked shirt, Birkenstocks- a classic ensemble.


Writing Mascots: 

These little furry pals keep me company as I write, and remind me when its time to stop for walkies time.

Writing Fuel: 

For something that involves a heck of a lot of time sitting down, writing uses up tons of energy- that’s what I tell myself, anyway. So, good food when I’m going through a really intense writing spell is very important to me. Luckily, I’m married to a brilliant cook, hence the homemade tortellini ( I did make the butternut squash soup though, honest!)

I’ve got plenty more random writing habits, but these are enough for now:  I don’t want you thinking me too weird!

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