Name These Animals for a Top Secret Project by Jo Franklin

I am playing around with an idea for a new book at the moment and I am struggling to come up with names for my characters. Would you be able to help? I can’t tell you much about the story because a story idea has to stay top secret until it is written, but I can tell you it includes some pets with unusual characteristics who form part of a mission team. They look normal on the outside but actually they are totally extraordinary when you get to know them.

The team are :

A parrot for Jo Franklin's next story

A very bossy parrot.

He is the brains behind the team but is unable to fly because he is partially paralysed down one side. This doesn’t stop him getting about though because he has a team of willing helpers who can take him places in the front basket of their bicycles. His perch at home is on wheels so he can be moved about. Although his body is a little bit wonky, his mind is as sharp as a razor. He is able to crack any code, remember amazing details on maps and knows nearly everything about everything.

If you ever went on University Challenge, you would want this bird on the team.

But what is his name?

Next up is this gorgeous dog.

She is young, bouncy and playful. She is full of beans as all young dogs are. She looks cute doesn’t she? But underneath she is immensely brave and loyal and would put herself at risk to save her friends. She also has a hidden talent but I haven’t decided what it is yet.

Name this labrador character for Jo Franklin

I think her name should reflect what she looks like rather than betray her brave personality. What do you think I should name her?

The next character is the clown of the team. He never stops talking.A rat in Jo Franklin's latest project

He’s constantly complaining about everything and has a serious inferiority complex. He is convinced that everyone is better than him which isn’t true. His team mates get fed up with his constant yabbering especially when they are on a secret mission. But he is an essential part of the team because he understands every human and animal language which is an essential skill for the missions they go on.

I think his name should be something very ordinary so that it reflects his obsession with being normal compared to his amazing team mates.

Can you think of a name for this rat?

Last up is the villain. Or one of them. I’m already regretting choosing this animal to feature in my book because I am a total arachnophobic. Even selecting this picture to add to this post gave me the heebie jeebies.

Jo Franklin hates spiders

This spider is almost as clever as the parrot but instead of wanting to do good, he wants to do evil. He is a classic supervillain. He wants revenge on humans for something that was done to him in the past. He’s vicious and cruel and can get others’s to do what he wants using something like the Jedi mind trick.

What would you call a spider like that?

I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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