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Best presents by Judi Curtin

OK, so I don’t plan to buy any more Christmas presents for about 355 days, but I guess it’s never too soon the start thinking about it, right?
Well actually, I’ve been thinking about one particularly nice present I received in 2016. It’s not the most expensive, or unusual or creative present I’ve ever received,but it meant a lot to me – and might have brought a little tear to my eye.
This is what I got – my children got together and checked out some theatre listings to find a show they knew I’d like. Then they booked tickets for the entire family, on a day in mid-January, that post-Christmas time I always find a little sad. So they’ve given me something to look forward to, and a present of their time – a very precious treat.
Think I’ve just figured out my resolution for 2017 – I’m going to share lots of my time with the people I love!

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