Silent Books by Helen Limon

If you have never heard of IBBY, do you mind if I suggest you look them up? They are active in most countries and they are brilliant. Very brilliant is IBBY Italy, and most particularly the amazing Deborah Soria who is the driving force behind the IBBY children’s library camps on the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa. If you don’t know about Lampedusa, you could look that up, too. I have just come back from a week on the island and it has been one of my top ten life experiences. In this extraordinary place a new library is taking shape – the only one on the island – and it is just for children. It has books in many languages and some with no words. I found books I didn’t know such as The Farmer and the Clown which is now a favorite  (look up too, it’s brilliant) and some I needed a translation app to read. I am hoping to get a copy of a very funny one called (in Italian) ‘A book of stories for children who fall asleep quickly’. Libraries are really important for people and we should cherish them. If you haven’t joined your local library DO IT NOW !

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