I’ve been very grateful for good books this year. During 2016, perhaps more than any other year in recent times, I’ve needed to escape reality. A lot.


It’s one of the wonders of books that they allow us to do so. They also help us empathise- to understand what its like to be another human being. They remind us that kindness and hope are valued emotional currency. They let our imaginations roam the world, they take us to other countries and cultures, to different time periods, different universes.

It’s been an ugly, bewildering, disappointing year in so many ways. So much of 2016’s narrative has been inward-looking, defensive, bigoted.

Thank goodness then for books. It sounds trite to say books make you a better person, but I honestly believe  they do. I’ve read many incredible stories this year: these in particular have made my heart soar. There is still goodness in the world.Thankfully these brilliant authors are making sure of it!


4 thoughts on “THANK YOU FOR THE BOOKS 2016

  1. And thank you, Emma, for being one of the lovely authors who has let me enter their world, share in those empathies and expand my realm of happiness. xx

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