Goodbye to a fab author

There are a whole bunch of children’s/YA authors in my patch of North London… SF Said, Sita Brahmachari, Keren David, Emer Stamp, Fiona Dunbar, Sophie McKenzie, Kaye Umansky, Ros Asquith, Steve Lenton and more.

There was also Jonny Zucker, a brilliant author and all-round brilliant person (pictured here at a book festival a couple of years ago).

03/10/13 Hertford Children's Book Festival - St Joseph's - Hertingfordbury, Hertingfordbury

C/o hertfordshiremercury.co.uk

Jonny and I only saw each other once or twice a year, at local library or school events or for the occasional cup of tea and catch-up about all things book-ish. We also did joint author events, and he was a joy to watch – he’d have the kids and teachers howling with laughter, and leave them totally enthused about reading and creative writing.

Jonny passed away this weekend, which is rubbish. Anyone who knew him will miss the fact that he really did light up a room when he came into it. But his books buzz with that same zing and energy, and will be there on the bookshelves of libraries for readers to discover for years to come…

Night, night, Jonny! Sleep tight…

Karen McCombie x

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