Off into the wild! By S C Ransom


Luckily the dog doesn’t seem to mind being used as a desk!

It’s finally done – after a long weekend writing at the beach I’ve finally completed the edits to Draft 3 of my latest book. And it’s now ready for the scariest step of all – the Beta Readers! My husband and my daughter have read the previous versions, and they will get to read this one too, but I also need the feedback from some people who are slightly more objective.

It’s scary because there is every chance that they may not like it, and that their feedback will mean many months of further edits and drafts, but I want this book to be the best thing it can possibly be, and so off it must go.

It’s taken me some time to be (reasonably) relaxed about getting feedback on my writing. At first I hated it, getting very affronted of any criticism, but I soon came to realise that editors are extremely good at what they do, and all their changes will improve a book, however harsh they might seem at the time. Using a good selection of beta readers may make life easier for my future editor, whoever that might be!

The first copies have been sent out, and I’m trying not to bite my nails. I’ll keep you posted on the response.


The finished article!

PS: The winners of the competition to win one of five copies of The Beneath are getting their books in the post any day! The competition was run by Megan Bourne on http://18thingsbefore.weebly.com to celebrate YAShot last month. I hope you enjoy reading them.

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