What so funny?

I’m writing this in advance, otherwise I’d end up staying up late on Wednesday night wailing, ‘I don’t know what to write!’.  I’ve just read Eloise’s post from 11 November, and I thoroughly understand what she meant about the need to retreat into a good book sometimes.  In those books there are children who don’t have it easy, who have to struggle and who make mistakes, but one way or another they survive and triumph.  Love wins, as they say.

She also wanted to know some jokes to tell children.  (By the way, I liked the one about the horse.)  So – what do monsters eat in a restaurant?  The waiter.   Who lost a herd of elephants? Big Bo-Peep.  And my favourite – Where would you find a tortoise with no legs?  Where you left it.

When I’m writing something funny, or teaching a class about writing humour, I often start with a brainstorm of naturally funny words.  The garden is full of them – plumbago, compost,  lupin.  And I like ‘le’ words – muddle, fiddle, puddle, whittle, chuckle.  Abd bucket, muppet, punnet.  Then there are some things that are pretty well guaranteed to raise a smile – false teeth, potties,  Marigold gloves.  And a small furry animal having a wild half hour is good.

So – write about a small furry animal.  Choose from your favourite funny words and funny things.  Write something funny.  We need it.




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