Bye Bye Baby!

Hi everyone! Kelly McKain here. I hope you guys in the UK have been wrapped up warm reading a favourite book, and not out on some hockey field somewhere freezing yourselves solid!

Today I’m writing about goodbyes, and new chapters, because this week… (pause for dramatic duh-duh-duuuuuh music) my agent is sending the first book in my new YA trilogy, Green Witch, out on submission. For anyone not sure what this means (and useful for you budding writers out there to know) this is when your agent sends out your beloved precious baby (ahem, I mean BOOK) to editors who might like to acquire it for their publishing house. How it goes is – and this is an idealised version – your agent sends it out to a few publishers. One or more of them love it. One of them buys it, publishes it and you go off into the sunset together. Preferably dancing, as below.


But this does mean one thing has to happen first. You have to let go of your beloved, precious baby (I mean BOOK – WHY do I keep doing that?!). Actually, I know why I keep doing that. Because up until this point, I’ve been dreaming and scheming and planning and writing and rewriting and being struck with sudden flashes of inspiration and my book has been mine alone – it’s been your creation but also my playmate, and something that has guided my path in life in general for a few months, or even, as in this case, almost three whole years. It might have taken you to places you never thought you’d go, either emotionally, or physically (like when Lee Weatherly went flying in a Spitfire while writing Broken Sky!).


And then (pause for the duh-duh-duh music again) the point comes when it’s time to move onto the next stage – sending it out to publishers. Part of you is excited (will they like it? who will want to acquire it?). Part of you is nervous (will they like it? who will want to acquire it?) because you’ve said Bye Bye Baby to your beautiful creation (although not for long, hopefully!).


So, go well on your journey, Green Witch, and thank you for all you have brought me and taught me and shown me so far. I look forward to this next stage in the process of getting you into the world as a fully-formed book, because it will take you one step closer to your readers. So, I’ll tell myself the butterflies in my tummy are more excitement than nerves…

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