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Life Without Envy by Claire Hennessy



This past week I read a book about how not to be jealous and bitter about your creative peers.

It was a hard read, because we are trained to be either competitive or nice: either we are rooting for ourselves and going ‘yeah!’ or we are breaking our backs trying to serve others. It goes without saying, or should, that these behaviours are highly gendered.

I struggle with envy a lot. So I need to tell you – up front, no nonsense – of these people I envy. Of these people who are just too damn awesome.

Deirdre Sullivan is a fellow GHB blogger who writes magic and is the kindest human I know. She is just… sickeningly brilliant, like.

Eimear Ryan is another disgustingly talented friend of mine, who writes short stories that shake and move. Horrible human.

Laura Jane Cassidy writes exquisite plots and sensitive characters and is basically a rockstar, though she won’t believe this even if it appears online.

Sarah Maria Griffin writes both shiny post-apocalyptic YA and mind-blowing personal essays.

Kerrie O’Brien took time out from launching her debut poetry collection to compile an epic anthology that funds homelessness charities.

Following the success of her timely novel, Louise O’Neill recently presented a much-needed documentary about consent.

Comedian and author Tara Flynn writes about angry ladies and Ireland and is funny while doing so.

Sinead Gleeson is basically the patron saint of Irish Lady Literature.

My heroines. My sources of envy. Please keep being rockstars.

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