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Dreams Coming True – Lucy Strange

It has been a crazy crazy month! The Secret of Nightingale Wood was published on 6th October and was lucky enough to be picked as a Waterstones Book of the Month. This means I’ve been seeing lots of pictures of the most wonderful window displays featuring my little book. Take a look at these wonderful creations!window-1window-5window-2

The party to celebrate my Book Birthday was magical. I wore a VERY pink dress to match the cover design of the book, and there were matching cupcakes too!signing-1

cupcakesI have done my first school event, talking to a large audience of students aged 10 to 15. Some of the students were book-lovers, but many weren’t… I wanted to make my talk relevant to everyone, so a large part of it was about the dreams we have when we are young and how those dreams can sometimes come true.

When I was a nipper, I used to day-dream about writing a REAL BOOK and becoming a published author. After thirty (or so) years, that dream has finally become reality. I talked about how wonderful this is, but also how difficult it has been getting here, and some of the compromises I have had to make along the way. The students asked really interesting questions such as – What was the hardest thing about editing? Is there anything that I regret having cut from the final book? What was my favourite part of the writing process?

2016-10-12-11-23-57After the talk, I signed books for the students and some of them told me about their own dreams and ambitions. A pair of ten-year-old girls (best friends) are currently working on their own children’s book – one of them is writing it and the other is the illustrator. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that at some point in the future they will be celebrating their very own Book Birthday! (And if they are really, really lucky, there might even be matching cupcakes…)

The Secret of Nightingale Wood by Lucy Strange is published by Chicken House, available in bookshops and online. Read Girls Heart Books very own Jo Cotterill’s review here!

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