Murder Off Miami by Ruth Fitzgerald

I have bought myself a present. Not that this is unusual, I’m more than happy to buy myself the occasional pressie – but this is perhaps the best one yet. I should just say here that I am obsessed with murder mysteries. I am never happier than when I’m absorbed in a good death!


My present is a murder mystery, an original edition, published in 1936 called ‘Murder off Miami.’ The front over bills it as being ‘presented’ by Dennis Wheatly although I don’t think he wrote it – the actual author, J. G. Links, gets a smaller billing further down the cover. The unusual thing is the way it’s put together, as if it were an actual police file kept buy the detective.

It’s quite large, about the size of letter paper and loose leaf bound together with a ribbon.

Inside clues are presented I the form of typed statements, photographs, notes, letters and telegrams.


The amount of detail is amazing. There are even physical clues, a spent match or a piece of blood-stained curtain for example.


The reader is invited to solve the clues in the same way as a detective would. The solution is in a sealed portion at the end. In my book the seal is broken. I love that eighty years ago another murder obsessed reader tried to figure out the puzzle just as I am doing now!


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