Writer’s Block by Tamsyn Murray

I’ve got to be honest – I had no idea what to write about today. Every time I thought about writing something, my mind just sort of hid, leaving me with an extremely blank screen and a mild sense of panic. I had a mental block.

And then I thought about the school events I did last Thursday, with Bath Children’s Literature Festival; during the Q&A at the end, a student asked me whether I had ever suffered from writer’s block. The answer to that question is YES: I have had writer’s block once. In my case, it was because I took a few (enforced) days off from writing (I was working on my very first book – My So-Called Afterlife) and when I came back to write again, I realised I had no idea what happened next in my story. Luckily, there was a part later in the story that I was excited to write, where I knew EXACTLY what would happen (more or less) so I skipped ahead to a bit where I did know what happened and then stitched it all together later. I could fix the issues later, once I’d worked out all the details…And I assume it worked okay because I did eventually finish that book and hardly anyone has complained that it doesn’t make sense

In some ways, I wish real life could be fixed like this too. Just imagine: you’re in a tricky situation, dithering, and suddenly you have the option to skip ahead to later in the day, when the problem seems very minor. Once you’ve finished in the future, you could hop back to the present time and get on with things.

So my questions in all of this is, if you could hop forward to one part of your life right now, what would you choose and why?




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