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True Friends by Jo Franklin

I lost a friend recently. Her name was Sue. She died of cancer. Sue was a writer like me and she lived close by so we often met in a local cafe to talk about our writing. Sometimes we talked about the books we were reading or how our mutual friends were getting on with their publishing careers or what our naughty pets had been up to that week.

Jo Franklin's Dog

My Naughty Dog Mickey

I miss her very much and keep catching myself thinking about meeting up with her again and then remembering that I never will. So I have a little cry and write another page of my current book which I am writing in her memory.

I often write about friendships. In Help I’m an Alien, Dan has two best friends. Freddo who farts all the time along with other disgusting habits, and Gordon the Geek who is a total neat freak and has to disinfect everything before he can bring himself to touch it. Freddo and Gordon don’t like each other, but are both good friends to Dan.

Freddo is happy to go along with Dan’s madcap adventures. He’s brash and rude on the surface but he is aware of Dan’s emotional needs and is always there when Dan needs him. Gordon is not very emotionally aware. He responds if Dan asks him directly but is unable to read Dan’s needs. He is totally unaware of the unspoken things.

Three friends by Aaron Blecha

Three friends by Aaron Blecha

I think Sue was more like Freddo as a friend, but without the grossness! She was there when I needed a friend most and didn’t question my craziness. But like Gordon she would have helped me if I’d asked her directly too. Hmm, real people are more complicated than fictional characters.

If you have a special friend, make sure you remember to tell them how important they are to you. That you love and appreciate them. Be a good friend to them too. The most important thing to remember is

To have a friend, you need to be a friend.

Let’s have a big shout out to friends everywhere. Who are your friends? What makes them special? How are you a friend to them?


9 thoughts on “True Friends by Jo Franklin

    • So sorry to hear that Julie. I think cancer is the worst illness because it seems so pointless and so cruel. Hope you have other friends around that you can hold dear.

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