Doodle Do? or Doodle Don’t? asks Cas Lester

Do you doodle? I do.


But I am hanging my head in shame and fessing up to giving my daughter a hard time about doodling in class – especially on her hand.

And then I discover that DOODLING IS GOOD FOR US!

It helps relieve boredom and frustration – and helps us concentrate and remember stuff as we scribble. Some experts go as far as recommending doodling as a learning aid!



Our doodles can apparently tell us a lot about ourselves.

Some of us do tiny tentative little doodles.





Apparently, people who doodle in straight lines tend to have strong willpower and self-control and like facts.

But those who prefer to doodle in curved stokes or draw rounded shapes are more imaginative and emotional.

Down-to-earth, practical people who like to be in control, tend to draw things with square shapes or flat surfaces.




While people who are determined people go more for things with triangular or pointed shapes.

Ambitious people often doodle stars.

Lots of people draw zigzags which are a sign of energetic thinking and a desire to get on with things.




The funny thing is that lots of us doodle similar things – like the sun, stars, boxes, arrows, hearts, flowers or waves. This is apparently because these things have special significance to humans.

Oh and BTW – and I know it’s a bit late – 22nd September was National Doodle Day!

So Doodle Do rather than Doodle Don’t, I’d say.

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