New Term. New Pencil Case. by Jo Franklin

It’s September which means back to school. New class, new teachers and maybe a new school. Are you excited or terrified at going back to school this term?

I went to boarding school aged 11 until I was 16 and I dreaded the long journey from Sussex to Hertfordshire. Two trains and a tube ride with lots of luggage wasn’t much fun. I even got on the wrong train once and lost my ticket and ended up getting into trouble. It’s no wonder I didn’t like going back to school!

But there is one good thing about the new school year.


I am a total stationery addict. I love pen, pencils, notebooks, folders, staplers and scissors. In fact I love stationery so much that I started up a website called Papers Pens Poets which explores the relationship between stationery and authors.

When I leave the house to write in the library or go away for a writing weekend I take this brilliant pencil case with me.

Jo Franklin Pencil CaseI know it doesn’t look much but it’s big enough to contain a couple of pens, a highlighter or two and a pencil. It has a neat pocket for a small rubber and hidden compartment for a spare fountain pen cartridge. But what is totally brilliant is that when you unzip it, it looks like this.

Jo Franklin pencil caseIt converts into a neat pen stand which makes  my temporary workspace feel like a proper desk. Of course I can’t keep all my stationery items in it. I have a stationery cupboard and a massive collection of pen pots and small drawers on my desk to keep my whole collection close at hand, but having my portable pen stand/pencil case is almost as good.

What sort of pencil case do you have? Blue and furry? The latest design from Paperchase? A multi-compartment case which comes with a trolley because it is too big to fit in your school bag? Do you have a separate case for colouring pencils? Let me know. I am always fascinated by other people’s stationery habits.

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