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Guest Blogger Janey Louise Jones

Janey black topGHB welcomes our latest guest blogger, Janey Louise Jones.

Janey, who was born in  Edinburgh, says she’s ‘always wanted to be a writer, always loved flowers, always wanted to be a Princess, and always wanted to be called Poppy.’

All of this lead to the creation of her beautiful Princess Poppy books. Today Janey’s here to tell us all about her latest work, the Superfairies. 
“It’s cool to be kind” – this is my motto. I like the values of being kind, caring, thoughtful and loving. But I also think that girls can be strong, disciplined, brave, successful and adventurous. So that’s the sort of characters I like to create. Sure, they can love fashion, flowers, frocks and fun – but they can also be serious and powerful.?The four Superfairies are heroic as they use their unique superskills to help animals, but they also work well in a team. Teamwork is essential in most jobs and projects. Once we know what we are best at and combine that with other peoples’ best skills, then we really have a powerfully effective team and a route to success.

Superfairies 1-4

I have always believed that being a girl was about being feminine and using your special gifts, but being careful not to get into competition and jealous rivalries with other girls. I believe that co-operating with others is the way to achieve most. We are all great in our way.

When I used to read fairytales as a girl, I noticed that the main girl character was always rescued by a prince or a knight – as if the boy was the only one to sort out her life. In Superfairies, it is the girls who do the rescuing! I hope you like getting to know Rose, Star, Berry, and Silk! The Superfairies!

Thanks Janey. It’s definitely cool to be kind.

The Superfairies books are available now and published by Curious Fox. Why not ask your friendly librarian or book seller to get them in for you! Or better still, enter our free giveaway to WIN a whole set of the Superfairies book. See our competitions page for details. 

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