15 already? ALREADY?!? by Karen McCombie

Tomorrow, Ally Love turns 15. Like a proud mum, I can barely believe how time has flown…

Ally anniversary

OK, to be more precise, it was 15 years ago tomorrow that the first of my ‘Ally’s World’ series – ‘The Past, The Present and the Loud, Loud Girl’ was published by Scholastic books. I’d written a bunch of teen-centric books beforehand, but when I switched to the tween-world of Ally Love and her kooky family, suddenly my writing career really took off.

I think I was asked to write three books at first, but the series proved so popular, selling all over the world, that – in the end – there was 14 books in the series proper, with several spin-offs. Over the years, the books have been re-launched a couple of times, with new-look covers. (See Ally 1 in its three guises above!)

It might be a long time – the whole lifetime of some of my current readers! – since ‘Ally’s World’ popped up on book store shelves, but you can still find Ally and her friends in public and school libraries, where they’re borrowed in their thousands every year.

And what I love now are the e-mails and tweets I get from girls in their twenties, the first-time round readers, who tell me how much ‘Ally’s World’ meant to them growing up.

Well, she meant a lot to me too…

Happy Birthday, Ally!!

Karen McCombie :c)


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