A Wild Life by Eloise Williams

I spend a lot of my time working.

It’s great because I love what I do.

Writing books, running Creative Writing workshops with young people, the occasional bit of acting. It’s all good. But sometimes you just have to kick back and relax… which is something I’m not very good at.



 So hurrah for my niece Rosie coming to stay for a week. And Hurrah for the book she brought with her!

 Wild 3

’50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 & 3/4′ from The National Trust. 

We have had the most majestic week of making wild art and bird spotting. Building campfires and climbing trees. Catching fish in rock pools (and putting them back of course), rolling down hills, making moth traps and studying bugs, jumping waves in Ninja style – her not me. Of course we roped the rest of the family in… Nan, Grampy, Uncle Guy, three dogs – Watson Jones, C.J. and Alfie – who didn’t so much help as hinder but were jolly good fun anyway.

Wild 2

You can see just about make out Watson Jones digging a hole in the background – very helpful indeed.

I know I am EXTREMELY lucky to live in Pembrokeshire and very close to the beach but there are LOADS of things you can do in this book if you have even the tiniest garden, or if you can get to a park. I highly recommend it!

wild 5

 Wild Art – using leaves and flowers from the garden and pencil shavings.

Wild 4

Keep a record of all the activities you do!

Also, by the way, my own book ‘Elen’s Island’ has been given a BEAUTIFUL new cover for its second print run, so if you need to read something when you are completely exhausted from living the Wild Life then this has lots of wildlife stuff in it. Innit!

Elen without words 

Right… must dash. Mud pies and dens to make! Yippee!


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