Have a Super (Safe) Splashy Summer says Cas Lester!

Summer holidays . . . and that means lots of Super Splashy Fun . . .


and SWIMMING!   In the pool, on the beach, in the river . . . and that’s great – providing you can swim.

Here’s my favourite mug.

lifeguard mug

It’s my son’s. As soon as he was old enough (16) he trained as a lifeguard. I’ll be honest with you, I’m dead proud of that.

It’s a serious commitment. It was a full week of training and tests to qualify and then there are re-training sessions every month, and keeping up his general level of fitness – especially his swim speed. When people get into trouble, you have to get them out pretty quickly.

He’s still at school so he only works at weekends – but you wouldn’t believe the number of times he has to jump in and rescue someone. Usually kids who happily splash off out of their depth even though they can’t swim. Mostly because they’re with their friends and want to join in the fun. But often because they don’t want to admit they can’t swim.

It’s hard to admit you can’t swim if everyone else can. I know – because I can’t swim. But it’s dangerous to pretend that you can if you can’t.

Willow with shark fin

Which is why Willow the Tree Fairy admits to Nixie the Bad Bad Fairy, that he can’t swim and why Nixie makes him a shark fin float, and why the Water Fairy lifeguards keep an eye on everyone in the pond.

So keep safe in the water and have a Super Splashy Summer everyone!



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