YALC feels like it should always be written with its very own exclamation mark. It’s fun and it’s a little bit mad.


We’re sitting eating huge bowls of pasta after Day One and we’re putting these first impressions down to share:


  • Olympia is HUGE. You half expect to see that they’ve fitted in an extra horse show on the Ground Floor.
  • YALC is on at the same time as Comic Con. This makes going in the lifts REALLY interesting. I (Perdita) always a feel a bit awkward in lifts and avoid at all costs catching anyone’s eye but when the fellow lift travellers are BRIGHT BLUE it would be rude not to smile and say hello.
  • Up on the second floor it’s all YALC, some people are in costume (tiny bit of envy – Hon) but everyone is in book world whatever they’re wearing.
  • Everyone’s really friendly from the people at the Information Desk by the lift doors right around that huge room.
  • There’s a Waterstones with smiley booksellers wearing cat’s ears (we only just resisted the temptation to snap pics of Waiting for Callback on the shelves in that company…).
  • There are publishers’ stalls with tireless publicists being generous with popcorn and badges and offering tote bags and piles of books in case you haven’t already spent all your money in Waterstones.
  • There are YALC hoodies and a YALC bear! (I’m getting one of those before Sunday’s over (Hon), maybe two (P).)
  • We had access to the Green Room – the first Green Room I’d ever been into (P) and there, standing casually drinking tea, barely aware of their own fabulousness, were so many of the authors we admire. It’s really hard when your book has only been out a few months to feel quite as though you belong. We were a bit worried that at any second someone would tap us on the shoulder and say ‘er…you guys…the door’. But instead we were hugged by Katy Birchall and Harriet Reuter-Hapgood and Jenny McLachlan, talked teenagers with William Sutcliffe, pet gerbils and boys with Nicole Burstein and blisters with Keris Stainton (the pink Converse were worth the pain Keris).
  • I (Hon) was one of the ‘victims’ on the Teen Diaries panel and was looked after by Juno Dawson and Lisa Williamson and had so many laughs with everyone. FullSizeRender-9
  • And running around EVERYWHERE at once keeping everything on invisible tracks were the fabulous Katherines Woodfine and Webber (round of applause).


Tomorrow (will be today when this goes up, eek) we’ll be giving a workshop on collaborating.  We have ‘will anyone come to our party jitters’ (we have seen the line up for the main event at the same time!) but we also have cookies and above all we have YALC spirit so we’re pretty confident we’ll have  fun day.

We’ll keep you posted.  Perdita & Hon xx

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