Grannies and more!


You know that thing about buses? You wait for thirty minutes and then two come at once?  It’s frequently the same with books.  I have two coming out just around now.  Woo-hoo!

One is Forgotten Bible Stories.  There’s one about a runaway slave.  I always wondered why he ran away in the first place, so that’s how I approached it.  Dorcas the Dressmaker is a favourite of mine, so she’s in there too.  And another one I love is the craziest, daftest story in the Bible, the one with an angel and a talking donkey.   It really is in the Bible, I’m not making this up.

A couple of years ago, as a result of a bit of daft conversation, I wrote Fifteen Things Not To Do With A Baby.  The lovely people at Frances Lincoln  paired me up with a new, very talented illustrator, Holly Sterling, and we had a lot of fun with that book.  So did the readers.  We’ve now done another one, Fifteen Things Not To Do With A Granny.

I’d already written it when I found to my delight that a first grandchild was on the way.  My very first copy of the Granny book went to this little cutie, affectionately known as Frodo, and if he’s not reading it fluently at the age of six months I shall be most surprised.  He needs this book.  He needs to know that he mustn’t –

put cold spaghetti in my handbag

give me a crocodile for my birthday,

or swap me for a giraffe (or somebody else’s granny).

Except that I’m not Granny, I’m Nan.

If you’re anywhere near lovely West Northumberland on 6 August, there’s a big happy launch party for both these books from 2-4 pm at Hexham Abbey.  You’re welcome!








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