The Perks of Being a Writer by Tamsyn Murray

I have to be honest, here: there are lots of very cool things about being a writer. How many other jobs allow you to sit in a room all day by yourself, messing about with your imaginary friends? That allow you to visit amazing places and do fantastic things, all in the name of work? And when you’ve finished, you’re allowed to have a big party to celebrate?

One of the biggest perks of writing my new series, Tanglewood Animal Park, is that I got to go behind the scenes at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire for research. I’ve fed the ring-tailed lemurs, stroked a bearded dragon, watched a tiger being trained and tickled a tenrec.

Last week, I had some very special guests at my Baby Zebra Rescue Launch Party at Waterstones in Piccadilly. And at the weekend, I spent two whole days chatting with visitors to  Paradise and telling them  about Tanglewood. I even got to ride on a zebra (sort of!) These are definite perks of the job.

But the biggest perk of all is being able to write about animals all day. Like Zoe Fox, my main character, I have been animal-mad practically from the day I was born, so writing a book about them was a dream come true. I always have furry or feathered friends in my books (even my ghost stories have cats) but Tanglewood is almost nothing but animals – snow leopards, lorikeets, guinea pigs, penguins, lions and, of course, zebras. And since there’s going to be a second (and a third) Tanglewood book, I’ll get to do even more research over the next few months. It’s going to FABZOOLUS!

Find out more about Baby Zebra Rescue and its fascinating animal stars here!


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