Papers, Pens and Poets by Jo Franklin

notebook collection

My unused, but not unloved notebook collection


Did you know that most authors are stationery addicts? I guess it is because we use pens and notebooks all the time. I’m not sure any writer has moved onto electronic devices completely. I still write my first drafts long hand even although I couldn’t do without my smartphone, tablet and pc.

Anita and Me

Anita Loughrey and Jo Franklin


 This year my friend and fellow author, Anita Loughrey, and I, decided to visit the London Stationery Show. This is a trade fair where stationery manufacturers show and sell their products to stationery shops. Anita and I don’t have a stationery shop, but we still wanted to go to the show. So we set up a website that combines our love of stationery with our lives as authors.
www.paperspenspoets.co.uk features a combination of stationery reviews, author interviews and articles about stationery. The exhibitors at the London Stationery Show were really interested to hear what we were doing. We were given a few free samples to review for the site and now we are busy talking to other authors about their love of stationery as well as looking for other products to review.

What stationery do you like best? Notebooks or pens? The picture at the top is my collection of unused notebooks. The spiral bound ones at the back come from Lidl and cost 90p each. I get through twenty a year. Lidl only stock them occasionally so I always buy loads when I see them. I bought the Harry Potter house notebooks because I love them so much. I’m missing the Gryffindor one though, because it was sold out. They were ridiculously expensive and I’m not sure I will ever use them but I keep dreaming about writing evil spells and dark stuff in the Slytherin book. Maybe I’ll do it one day.

 My latest gadget is a staple-less stapler. It can join up to four pages together and find it really useful for stapling rough drafts of my chapters together or the notes from my critique group. I’ve attached two pieces of coloured paper so you can see how it punches the hole and wraps the paper through the hole so that they are joined.

Do you have favourite stationery items? Do you go for a theme? A special colour? Or are you obsessed with your smartphone instead?

I’d love to hear about your stationery habits.

2 thoughts on “Papers, Pens and Poets by Jo Franklin

  1. In order to get over the problem of using a new, lovely, special notebook (“It’s so beautiful – I can’t just write rubbish in such a beautiful thing!”) I start writing partway through. The first pages of my notebooks usually NEVER get written in …

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