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The Smell of Biscuits in the Air… Megan Rix and Ruth Symes

Mmmm my kitchen is full of the smell of ginger biscuits baking. But they’re not for me. They’re for my dogs (although I might be allowed to try a little bit). They’re also book research and the recipes are going to appear at the end of my next book TheGreatFireDogs_COV FINALBlog 10 may 10.43.28
‘The Great Fire Dogs’ set during the Great Fire of London.


Chief recipe testers are Bella and our new puppy, Freya. One of the biscuits is based on the hard tack biscuits that sailors would have eaten in the seventeenth century but with the addition of ginger powder and the subtraction of salt. The other recipe ‘Ginger Apple Snaps’ is bang up to date and Freya loves them because they have apple (her favourite fruit although she also likes pears and crunching up raw carrots – either of which could be substituted for the apple) plus coconut oil, ginger and rice flour.


642A8661We also got sent some biscuits as a surprise present from the lovely people I work with at Puffin. Some of these were for people and some of them were for dogs – but all of them were delicious! Thank you Puffins and the Biscuiteers.


I’ve tried out some unusual recipes for the books I write as Ruth Symes too. Including one for stinging nettle soup for the Bella Donna books – which was surprisingly yummy and not stingy at all. Bella and Freya don’t like stinging nettles because they hurt their paws. Make sure to wear gloves if you pick some to make soup or nettle pesto – as I wouldn’t like your fingers to get stung although dock leaves do help to take the ouch away. 🙂


Blog 10 May_1744765200849345888_o


Have you tried any unusual recipes as part of your story research or for fun? I think of playing with Bella and Freya as research as well as fun because it all helps with writing my dog characters. and

4 thoughts on “The Smell of Biscuits in the Air… Megan Rix and Ruth Symes

  1. I have nettle soup in one of my books too! In Jessica Haggerthwaite, Witch Dispatcher Jessica’s mum likes to make it for family meals…to her children’s disgust.

    And my next book has the heroines making jam tarts…

  2. Oh yum – yesterday we were at a fete and someone’s ice cream landed on the ground – so Freya had her first taste – but doggie ice cream would be even better. She hasn’t tried doggie ice cream yet but Bella and Traffy loved it (you can get it from pet stores too) and as Freya loves just about all food I’m sure she will love it too 🙂

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