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Mindfulness summer camp for kids!

Here at GHB we really like the idea of mindfulness – learning how to slow down, not to worry quite so much, to enjoy the present moment. And look what just popped into our inbox – a mindfulness summer camp for kids! This sounds like a fab idea to us!


First Mindfulness Summer Camp for Kids!

SOS – Save Our Sanity!

No more stressing over the school summer holidays, this is the Kent Mindfulness Summer Camp


Ex-frontline social worker, Su Ball has put together a fabulous, comprehensive and fun Kent Mindfulness Summer Camp to help young people release stress and find mindful focus while building their resilience. The programme is designed to give young people space and time. The range of activities is flexible to allow for young people’s ages, needs and creativity on any particular day.

Mindfulness is increasingly recognised as an essential educational tool which helps young people manage their emotions and build social skills. It helps with attention and thinking skills, and develops bodily awareness and coordination. Mindfulness helps young people connect with the present moment, let go of worries about the past or the future and develop peace in themselves and for the world around them.

This is a totally new to the UK and a great opportunity for youngsters. Young people get to learn fun new skills and also takeaway some great exercises that all the family can practice.



The Mindfulness Summer Camp is based in the lovely environment of Challock Health and Fitness.

Alongside a great room for the indoor activities, there is enclosed outdoor grass space and woods to explore. There is also a café.

Mindfulness activities for young people are many and various and designed to be fun.

‘Doing’ activities include: ‘Mind in a Jar’ (glitter bottle), ‘Mind balloons’ (an activity juggling balloons and talking/singing), nature walks and ‘the Spaghetti Test’ (practising how tension feels in our bodies and how to release it).

Calming activities include: Mindful breathing (to help calm body and mind), Mindful walking (raising our awareness and in some activities building trust), and Mindful eating (paying more attention to our food). There are short meditations with little sayings such as ‘Breathing in, smiling. Breathing out, calming.’

Each session will begin and end with a calming breathing exercise. Young people will each leave with an exercise to practice with their own family.


Ages and abilities:

The programme is designed for young people aged 8 years and above, and for mixed abilities. Parents/carers will be consulted regarding each individual’s particular needs and a short questionnaire completed.

The sessions will take place in small groups of 4 – 6 young people.


Dates and times:

The programmes are designed to take place over three half-days: 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm. For the Mindful eating exercise (lunch or mid-afternoon snack) parents/carers will be asked to provide food.

Young people are encouraged to attend for three consecutive morning or afternoon sessions. However it is possible for them to attend single sessions, and they can attend more than one week.

The programmes will take place in August, Mondays – Wednesdays.



Individual sessions: £25

Group of three sessions: £65


  • 1 in 10 children suffer from mental health issues. 1 in every 3 children per average class in the UK – that’s around 850,000 children. (Source: Children’s Society, 2008) This includes around 45% of young people in the care of Local Authorities. (Source: British Journal of Psychiatry, 2007)
  • Of the main reasons for children contacting Childline in the UK from (April 2013-March 2014), Family Relationships topped the scale at 13-15% for all age groups, except 0-11 year olds where Bullying ranked higher (25%). Bullying was still a significant concern for 12-15 year olds at 11%. Self-Esteem and Unhappiness was also a top concern for 12-15 year olds and 16-24 year olds. (Source:
  • These issues are all about relationships, with the self and with others.
  • While responsibility for supporting young people is shared with schools during term times, the tables are turned in the summer holidays and families manage by themselves. The long holidays can be an exciting and enjoyable time for all the family, but research indicates school summer holidays can be the most stressfultime of year! (Source: Anamya meditation experts quoted in Mojomums, 2016)


About Mindfulness Summer Camps

The programmes are run by Su Ball, who is an accredited Mindfulness Now teacher. Su brings a wealth of knowledge and skills from her 17 years as a practising child and family social worker.

Su is collaborating with fellow professional, Ruth Hayes, who is a long term foster parent who runs Challock Health and Fitness (


Enquiries/booking – please contact Su Ball:

Telephone: 07824-349393


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