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It’s all about… balance

Hi everyone!

So, this month I’ve been thinking about balance…


No, not that kind of balance.

GHB balance 2GHB balance 3

Or that or that. OR that one below… although actually maybe that – that looks fun!

GHB balance 4

I mean balance in life. It’s the summer holidays in a few weeks and before that I am working hard finishing a big rewrite of the first book in my new YA trilogy. So I am like a crazy typing machine who can eat a whole box of date and walnut melba toast without realizing it and who has to set an alarm to remind herself to pick up her kids from school, because I am sooooo not here when I’m immersed in the world of my book.

Which is a wonderful way to feel about it, and why I LOVE writing! But my body won’t thank me for it. So everyday, I make time for this kind of balance:

GHB balance 5

Okay, with less of the sunrise and rock, but I have a lovely yoga space and I make time to let my mind go free and my body stretch out and strengthen up after hours of asking it to sit in this chair. I’m looking after my body so it will look after me!

So, if you’re sitting at YOUR computer reading this and you’ve been sitting a lot so far today (and that can def happen when you’ve been at school all day!) get up and do something for your body. It doesn’t have to be yoga, of course. Maybe the bicycle thing in the picture above… or the pint glass balancing?! Let me know how you get on!




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