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What exactly happens at a book launch? By Jo Franklin



Alien UK cover for web

My book! Illustrated by Aaron Blecha



I have an exciting event coming up. I am having a party to celebrate the publication of my first UK book Help! I’m an Alien. I’m not sure how many GHB readers get invited to book launches so I thought I would share with you what happens.

Launch parties often take place in bookshops because it’s easy for them to get books from the supplier and they have the right till. Obviously, bookshops love books and love to sell books. A party makes the bookshop like an exciting place to be and maybe a passer-by will wonder what is going on and walk in and buy a book too. So a bookshop is the ideal venue to hold a launch party.


Jo Franklin working very hard


The party is organised by the publisher and the author. My publisher, Troika Books, has invited bloggers, reviewers and people from the publishing press to the party to create publicity for Help I’m an Alien.


I have invited lots of friends and family to prove to them that I have been working very hard, not just chatting on Facebook, staring dreamily out the window or watching dancing dogs on YouTube.




At the party everyone has a drink and eats a few crisps. My writing friends expect cakes too, so I will spend the morning baking.

Sometimes guests bring a present for the author. Sometimes the author gives out presents to everyone who has helped them.

Suitable things to buy an author as a present :

  • notebook
  • pen
  • fancy Post it notes
  • chocolates
  • something connected with the title of their book
  • any other present that tells the author that they are awesome

Things NOT to buy a published author :

  • Books on how to write
  • Other books with a similar title
  • Any book by a celebrity author who will have been paid much more than the launching author.

The publisher and the author’s agent make a speech telling everyone about how hilarious the book is and the author says thank you to everyone for putting up with them and has a bit of a cry. After the speeches, the author dries their tears and does a short reading and everyone claps. Then the author sits down and signs books for anyone who has been kind enough to buy one.

For a stationery addict like me, choosing the right signing pen is very important. I’ve bought a few to try out. They all have green ink as that goes with my alien theme.

Which pen do you think I should use to sign my books?

If you want to find out how my book launch went, head on over to my website and look at my blog posts after 8th June to find out.

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