Live – Through a Lens by Julie Sykes

IMG_4299Recently, I went to a charity dinner. The entertainment was a well kept secret and a huge talking point. Who was it? I guessed Taylor Swift (wrong). It wasn’t Adele either, nor Ollie Murs or Elvis (??!!).

Turns out, the main act was non other than the very awesome Kylie Minogue.

Kylie Minogue. Right there, in London, singing to an audience of less than 2000. You can imagine the excitement. It was almost as good as having her pop round and sing in your lounge. Almost. As Kylie danced on stage, to thunderous applause, everyone left their tables and crowded round.

Me too. I LOVE live music and Kylie Minogue was a huge deal.

So there I was, in my own little space, in a sea of people and arms, loving every minute, when a stranger came over.

‘Things are different now,’ he said. At least I thought that’s what he said, (Kylie was VERY loud).

Clearly he noticed my puzzled expression because he added, ‘That’s Kylie Minogue. Live.’

I nodded. This guy was scoring serious points for observation.

‘Years ago people would have watched her, but look at them now.’

I looked. And then I got it. There we were, a relatively small audience, mostly clutching phones and watching Kylie on a tiny screen, while there she was, right in front of our noses playing LIVE.

Naturally, I had to rummage in my teensy evening bag, grab my phone and see what I was missing.

This is it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.59.12

Impressive, huh?

Technology is fantastic. I’ve got a bundle of gadgets I wouldn’t be without. But are we getting too dependent on it? By capturing every moment on screen, to relive and share, are we missing out on experience?

What do you think?




2 thoughts on “Live – Through a Lens by Julie Sykes

  1. I agree Juile, when I went to Disney on Ice, a lot of kids had phones and were videoing it rather than watching the AMAZING skating. It hurts me that kids are like this now.

    When the Peter Pan part was on, a HUGE croc came in, and before I could get my cam on, it ate Hook, and I didn’t see it. I had to ask what happened. 🙂

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