Cas Lester Rants on about . . . ALL READING IS READING!


What do the following have in common?

The label on a tin . . .

tin label

a cereal box. . .

cereal box

a recipe . . .

Nixie recipe


a word search . . .?


A: They’re all tasks in the Reading Challenge we’ve just launched at the primary school where I’m Patron of Reading.


This year the school is, RATHER BRILLIANTLY, focussing on getting everyone to read a lot of different things – not just read a lot of fiction.

HUZZAH! I say, because not everyone loves reading fiction as much as, say, the lovely readers of the GirlsHeartBooks.

So it’s brilliant to remind people that . . . ALL READING IS READING!


And when I say ‘people’ I mean: teachers and parents/carers, as well as children. (In fact, teachers and parents/carers probably MORE than children.)

It infuriates me when people dismiss reading anything that’s not fiction as somehow a reading experience of lesser value. (GRRRRR.)   May I remind them that . . .  ALL READING IS READING!

Which is why the Trolley of Awesomeness (special thanks to Mr J Dougherty for the name) in the school library is already stuffed with all kinds of books (facts, jokes, fun facts, poems, annuals, etc. AS WELL AS fiction). Again . . . ALL READING IS READING!

trolley of awesomeness small


Anyhow, that’s enough ranting.

I am proud to announce, that at the end of this years Reading Challenge, I shall be presenting the winning team with this small (but MAGNIFICENT!) ‘Reading Stars’ Trophy.

EFS Reading Stars Trophy




3 thoughts on “Cas Lester Rants on about . . . ALL READING IS READING!

  1. Thank you! It’s on a theme . . . as Patron of Reading I award ‘Story Stars’ to kids who write a story for me in their own time. So I wanted a ‘star’ trophy – rather than a cup sort of thing. Although if I were ever to win a trophy – I’d prefer a cup type thing – a LARGE cup type thing – preferably one that could hold the contents of an entire bottle of fizz. . .

  2. What a great idea, Cas, well done for encouraging the school you are patron of to enjoy reading everything

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