My Thinking Places – Lynn Huggins-Cooper

I live in a tiny house, but I love it very much. It has a long garden that leads into a field, and the field leads into the middle of a huge forest. I walk there most days and get a lot of my ideas there – for stories and my Faerierealms felting work.


our beautiful forest

My bedroom and writing room are up in the attic. The open windows let in the sounds of woodpeckers, foxes, badgers and the wild peacock that roams the village. The garden is full of thinking places. We have a summerhouse, a hobbit house, and little nooks like this one by the pond. I like to write in all of them. My study has a big window that looks out onto the garden, fields and woods.

garden (2)

a writing nook

I do lots of sewing and crafting in the garden. I get ideas from the things around me, and my creations are often inspired by the natural world.


felted mouse

Sometimes, my writing and ‘making’ join together. My best work, I think, is done in this way – where my creations have stories of their own, like this tiny poisonous faerie, trapped in a jar.


I am creating characters for a short stop-start animated film at the moment, for an environmental charity, and I am having a blast! The stories are all set in the forest.

tiny fae

I have just finished writing a Young Adult novel called The Journey Jar, and am about to start editing it.  I wrote lots of it in the garden, and thought about how to write scenes as I walked in the woods…and the woods appeared in the story.


I can’t help but include my ‘special places’ in my work. I think lots of writers and artists do that. Without the natural world around me, I think my work would be a lot less imaginative. Are there any special places you go, when  you want to think?





2 thoughts on “My Thinking Places – Lynn Huggins-Cooper

  1. Just about every story I write features woods in it at some point. Why? Because I love walking through the woods. So. Much. Your little house by the woods seems like an absolute dream.

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