School’s Out


This week in our house we came to the end of an era – my daughter, the younger of my two kids – had her last day at school. We went to her graduation – an event where they get a certificate outlining all they have done, and everyone gets to take lots of pictures as they are all together for the last time. Now all she has to do is actually sit the ‘A’ levels.



It made me think of all the wonderful things she has done while she’s been in the senior school. She’s taken the chance to join all the clubs and activities which she wanted, and has been so busy there has barely been a lunchtime when she has loitered in the classroom gossiping, which is mostly what I did. She’s been in choirs, sung and acted in all the school plays and musicals, been in the rowing team (far too many early mornings!) and started a band. My son, on the other hand, joined nothing, and only ever played football. But both of them seem to have enjoyed it equally. I think that it’s brilliant to take advantage of all the possible activities, but if that’s not what suits you, then fair enough.

When I wasn’t sitting in my form room gossiping, I was in the library, considering the smallish selection of books and making my choices on what to take out next (would it be Flambards again?). We had a tiny fiction library – a room with just shelves of books, no room to lounge around. I’ve been amazed since I’ve been back at how much nicer my old library has got, and all the school libraries I’ve visited as an author have fantastic facilities, with comfy chairs and corners to curl up in. And all with lovely librarians, of course.

School Library

A random school library!

My daughter’s librarian gave her a list of all the books she has out at the moment – there are thirty-three of them! If she can find them all to take them back that will free up some space on her bedroom floor. She’ll miss the school library almost as much as her friends, I think.

What do you think you’ll miss about school when you get to leave?


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