Baby. Hiccups. Holly.

HIccupsI have just met somebody really quite amazing, a little Welsh chap with golden hair and very expressive hands.  He is my brand new first grandchild, Joseph, and I’ve just bought him his very first book.

A few years ago I did a text for a picture book, ‘Fifteen Things Not To Do With A Baby’.  The clever people at Frances Lincoln teamed me up with a new young illustrator, Holly Sterling.  Holly and I became partners in crime at once and are awaiting publication of our next book, ‘Fifteen Things Not To Do With A Granny’.  I will of course make sure that Joseph reads that (he’s very clever, he’ll be on to Oxford Reading Tree next week).  But in the meantime, Holly has just launched her first all-by-herself text and illustrations book, HICCUPS! and it’s just lovely.

Ruby and her dog Osca are playing when Osca gets hiccups.  They try all sorts of things to get rid of those hiccups.  They try dancety-dancing, hoppity hopping and slurpity slurping.  Osca still hics.  Then Ruby has a great idea.

It’s warm, funny, and full of lovely, memorable phrases to read together and repeat.  Read this, and every time anyone in the family gets hiccups you’ll immediately start jumpety-jumping.  Joseph, will of course, get The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Gruffalo,  and all the usual suspects.  Vintage Ahlbergs.  Judith Kerr.  And there’s a new Ian Whybrow, The Bed Time Bear, which looks delightful.  But for his first book –



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