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A wondrous wall of wishes…Karen McCombie

I got a lovely Tweet this week from the library at Bristol Brunel Academy. The librarian was giving a ‘woo!’ to ‘Candy Girl’, one of my shorter, speedy read books (from publisher Barrington Stoke), saying how much her students like it.

bundle of bsbooks

‘Candy Girl’, hanging out with her Barrington Stoke book buddies…

Of course I Tweeted back to say thank you most kindly, but after that, the cogs in my creaky brain began to whirl, and I realised I did a book event at Bristol Brunel waaaaayyy back in 2008, not long after the school had been built. I was BLOWN AWAY by the entrance to the school… it’s decorated with these amazing plaques, with the students’ wishes etched into them. Aren’t they amazing? (Well, maybe not the Playboy mansion one… Ha!)

wish wall

The wondrous ‘Wish Wall’ at Bristol Brunel Academy.

I used the idea as inspiration for something in my novel ‘Life According to Alice B. Lovely’. Alice B. goes to the top of the block of flats she lives in and writes her wishes on Post-It Notes, letting the wind whip them into the air and take them who knows where…

ABL new

‘Life According to Alice B. Lovely’: wishes – and other weirdness – lurking inside…

Anyway, there are no Post-It notes in my new Scholastic novel – ‘The Whispers of Wilderwood Hall’ – which publishes next month… but there are some wishes. Ellis wishes that her mum hadn’t had such a whirlwind romance with a rock star and married him, and that they weren’t leaving London for Wilderwood Hall, a broken-down mansion in the Highlands of Scotland.
But when Ellis is transported back to the Edwardian heyday of the Hall, she finds a friend who makes her wish she could stay in 1912 forever…

Whispers & hyacinths

My soon-to-be published time-slip novel, complete with matching hyacinths.

Anyway, I’m off to daydream about what wish I’D choose for the Bristol Brunel wall. What would yours be?

Karen McCombie :c)

PS Look out for an upcoming competition to win a copy of ‘The Whispers of Wilderwood Hall’, here on your daily author-fix blog, Girls Heart Books!


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