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It’s guest blogger time again and today we welcome the talented Jess Bright.  In her own words, Jess Bright is a twenty-eight year old former circus performer who can back flip one hundred times in a row and juggle balls of fire…  AND is VERY good at making things up. Jess is here to tell us about her new book Back in the Day. Over to you, Jess.

me age 14I have always been fascinated by time travel. One Sunday afternoon in the Eighties I stumbled across an ancient film adaptation of H. G. Wells, The Time Machine, on ITV. Totally enthralled, I was determined to see if my little brother and I could replicate a similar experience. Our homemade go-cart didn’t go too fast, thus couldn’t take us to where we wanted to go – the future! Instead, we invented time travel games that lasted whole weekends, roping in Jonny from over the road, usually as a futuristic monster.

When we were proper teenagers, Back to the Future came out, and I was awestruck, but by then didn’t believe in time travel any more, even if The Doc made it all sound totally plausible. I loved the way Marty McFly had to make sure his parents got together or he wouldn’t exist, and how small changes in his adventures back in the past, had such a major influence on the plot in the future (this is technically known as The Butterfly Effect, something I had to research before writing the book!).

It’s no surprise then that a time travel idea has been knocking around my head for the best part of ten years. I started it three times, and each time it wasn’t right. When I eventually had the idea of Daisy meeting her long-dead mum whom she doesn’t remember, I knew that was where the story had to go. 1985 was the year I wanted her to go back to (because it was my favourite year at school, and also because that’s when Back to the Future was set!). I could relive my Eighties youth, reminiscing about the hideous Day-Glo fashion, toxifying levels of hairspray, staggeringly high stilettoes, Wham! vs. Duran Duran, Live Aid, Reebok Classics, life before the internet and mobile phones, and The Perm. Oh, how I cringed at the memories! As you can see, I sported some rubbish Eighties hair don’ts…


Find out how Daisy and her ex-best friend, Izzy, get on in 1985 with no technology, nylon everything, meeting their mums! (yes, your parents were teenagers once too!), organising a prom, escaping back to the present (they have no idea how), and the biggie – should Daisy warn her mum about the accident that kills her in the future? But if she does, she and Izzy may no longer exist. What would you do??? Fingernail biting stuff!

Check out my web site to read a bit more about the book and about me. Don’t worry, perms do grow out!

Cool photos, Jess! The book sounds great. Better still Jess and her publisher are giving away free copies here at GHB. Hope on over to the competitions page to find out how you could win one.

back in the day

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