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Launches, laughter and lemons

launch partyHello, lovely GHBers! I don’t post often here any more because I’m too busy running things behind-the-scenes (mwahaha!) and posting on my own blog, but there’s a little space here today for me to do a special post! Last night I launched my latest book A LIBRARY OF LEMONS alongside one of my very favourite author friends, John Dougherty (who was launching STINKBOMB & KETCHUP-FACE AND THE GREAT BIG STORY NICKERS, and if you haven’t come across the Stinkbomb series, GO GET IT NOW, because the books are HYSTERICALLY funny!).

Everyone does launch parties differently, but John and I were keen to do some singing this time (we play in an author band called FIRST DRAFT and we write all our own songs). My book A Library of Lemons is about a girl who lives with her father and she’s quite lonely, even though she doesn’t realise it. The story is about friendship and letting people in, and being able to say, ‘I need help’, and so I thought it would be perfect to end the launch party with my favourite song ’99 Reasons’ which I wrote last year. Last year lots of really difficult and distressing things happened for me, and eventually I said, ‘Help!’ and my lovely husband told me to take a few days off by myself at the seaside. It was EXACTLY the right thing to do, and as soon as I got to the beach that first day, I bought a 99 Flake. I sent the photo to a friend, who wrote back, ‘Ah! 99 reasons to be happy’ – and there, right there, was the title of my song.


Last night we got everyone involved, with big sheets of paper with the words on, and shakers for the children – and it was SO much fun. If you need a bit of cheering up, you can sing along with the video from our recent gig at Chipping Norton Literary Festival:

And here are the words!

Sometimes life can get you down, crises keep on coming
Everyone wants part of you, but you want no part of them
That’s when you know, when you’re feeling low
There’s one place to go
Now I have

99 reasons to be happy
99 reasons to smile
So I’ll sit here with the wind in my hair
For a little while
99 reasons to be grateful
99 ways to be fine
The future’s bright, and I’ll be all right
With my 99

Sunlight, sand and salty air, wind to blow the cobwebs
Ice cream headache in my feet from jumping icy waves
One perfect day, with stress far away
And now I say
That I have


So if life has got you down, here’s my best suggestion
Find a Mr Whippy van and treat yourself to a cone
Squirty ice cream restores self-esteem
A sweet supreme
It gives me

Chorus x2

Get off my 99
It’s MY 99!


Wishing you all a lovely sunny weekend with lots of ice cream and smiles!

2 thoughts on “Launches, laughter and lemons

    • Oh, thank you Laura! I’m really not used to singing solo in public at all, so I’m having to overcome a certain amount of stage fright! I hope you sing along with us now you have the words 🙂

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