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Nothing New About that…or is there?

LindaPortrait270Hands up if you’ve read any books by Linda Chapman? She’s written over two hundred, (some of them under pen names), so I bet you’ve read at least one. Linda writes for girls and boys and for all ages. She’s such a prolific writer that she’s known in the industry as, ‘Linda writes a book before breakfast.’

Linda’s just published a new book – the first in a series. Nothing new about that you might think. But this book is a new venture for Linda. She’s turned publisher to bring the book to you herself!

The first book in the A PONY CALLED ANGEL series is BEST FRIENDS. It’s about a girl called Rosie who gets a chance to look after a beautiful and very special pony called Angel for the Easter holidays. Soon Rosie and Angel are making new friends and having lots of fun at Orchard Stables. But as the holidays draw to a close, Rosie knows that unless she can persuade her mum and dad to let Angel stay, it could be the end of their time together.



If you love books about ponies and friends then you will love A PONY CALLED ANGEL. If you follow Linda Chapman then you’ll guess there’s more than a little of her own pony Angel in the book.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out Linda’s NEW website

And READ the book, available NOW from Amazon.



6 thoughts on “Nothing New About that…or is there?

  1. Hi Julie. Thank so much for writing about my new pony book. I had loads of fun writing it – it was really lovely writing about Angel because she’s such a gorgeous pony and I love writing pony books! I can’t wait to get started on the second book in a few weeks. You should write a book about a cheeky (but super cute) GSD puppy called Callie. I bet she’s giving you loads of good material right now! Linda xx

  2. I can’t wait to read the second Angel book, either so you’d better hurry up and get writing!

    Callie’s definitely book material. Super cute and super naughty! xx

  3. Congratulations on becoming a publisher, Linda! And good luck with A PONY CALLED ANGEL. The cover’s fantastic – amazing texture. It makes you want to stroke Angel!

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