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Who would win in a battle between a pigeon and a hamster?

Now my book, Dave Pigeon, is out in the world, I’m starting to get asked lots of questions at author events and in bookshops.


I’m always quizzed on my inspiration for the book, whether or not I like my job and why pigeons but every now and then there is a question that catches me off guard and I thought I would share some of those with you.

Pupil: Do you ever make mistakes when you are writing?
Me: Oh yes. But that’s what’s so great about working in a team. Editors often help you spot mistakes. It’s always a good idea to have fresh eyes look at your work. Do you make mistakes?
Pupil: Yes but I just cross them out.

Parent [holds copy of Dave Pigeon]: Did you really write this book?
Me [blushes]: I did!
Parent: Could you sign it to my daughter?
Me: Of course!
Parent: Could you also sign this to my youngest?
Me [looks at book]: Ah. I didn’t actually write Nibbles.
Parent [looks at name of author]: Could you not just sign it as Emma Yarlett?
Me [awkward]: Err…
Parent: My youngest will be so disappointed not to have a signed book.
Me: Here’s a sticker of Dave Pigeon for your youngest.

Pupil: Do you have a pet pigeon?
Me: No but we do have a family pet hamster.
Pupil: Who would win in a battle between a pigeon and a hamster?
Me: I couldn’t possibly answer that! I love my hamster and I’m quite fond of pigeons.
Pupil: But you have to choose.
Me: Well, I suppose Gary is quite a trusting hamster so he probably wouldn’t sense a sneak attack from a pigeon so I guess a pigeon would win.
Pupil: We had a hamster once. I think it died.

Pupil: If you didn’t do writing what would your job be?
Me: Oh that’s a tough one. I couldn’t possibly imagine doing any other job.
Pupil: I think you could cooker. You look like a cooker.
Me: A chef? Wow, I’d never thought about it. In fact I’m a bit of a rubbish cook.
Pupil: But you could try.

6 thoughts on “Who would win in a battle between a pigeon and a hamster?

  1. There’s a book in that 😉 We could get a bundle of authors together and write one. My favourite on a school visit.

    Child: Are you rich?
    Me: No. Do I look rich?
    Child: You look posh.

    This was because of my skirt. None of the teachers in the school wore skirts.

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