Fairy in a hijab

Ever seen a Fairy in a Hijab?

You have now . . .

This is Briar the Flower Fairy. She’s one of NIXIE THE BAD BAD FAIRY’S mates.

Or how about a boy fairy, in glasses, like Willow the Tree Fairy?


And here’s Fizz the Wish Fairy . . .

And Twist the Cobweb Fairy . . .








Nixie herself was inspired by my tomboy daughter, Annie Beth, who wore her pink and orange fairy costume with red wellies and a green army helmet, and wielded her magic wand as if she was expecting trouble, but ready for anything.

I reckon fairies, like children’s books, should celebrate diversity.


So here’s a huge thanks to my brilliant editors at OUP, and the enormously talented illustrator, Ali Pye, for bringing this to fruition in the Nixie books.

So, what kind of fairy would you be?!


Bumblebee’s bottoms’ NIXIE SPLASHY SUMMER SWIM is out on Thursday!

nixie splashy summer swim x amazon



8 thoughts on “Fairy in a hijab

    • Yes – mine has traded hers for make up brushes. Fortunately she’s far more into designing ‘fantasy’ effects and gory special effects make up – the more blood the better, apparently. Just the tiniest bit alarming . . .

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