Jo Franklinwood_0100It’s been a while since we had a guest blog, so an extra huge welcome to the lovely Jo Franklin. According to Jo, she went to a boarding schoolwhich was nothing like Hogwarts. As she was never alone she had plenty of time for reading and making up stories in her head. She’s here to tell us about her book, Help I’m an Alien. Over to you, Jo.

Are you part of the ‘In’ crowd at school? Do your classmates think you are ace? Are you the centre of everything every break time?

Or do you feel like a misfit? An outsider in your own classroom? The last to get picked for team games?

I’ve always been a misfit, I have never been part of the mainstream. I was a tomboy surrounded by girlie girls at primary school. I went to an old fashioned ‘jolly hockey sticks’ boarding school but hated sport. The sort of music I like is never on The X Factor and I can’t stand reality TV shows. I’ve spent my whole life wondering why I’m not the same as everyone else.

Jo aged 17 Student rail card

So it is no surprise that the characters I write about are also outsiders – misfits, geeks and tomboys all trying to work out who they are and where they fit into the world.

Cedric at Founder's Day 2013 June 29In Help I’m an Alien, Daniel feels a stranger in his own family, so when his sister tells him he is an alien, abandoned on earth and then adopted by the Kendal family, he believes her. No wonder he is unhappy, he isn’t even human! Help I’m an Alien is the first book in the Help! series and will be published by Troika Books in May 2016.

Being a writer is the perfect job for an outsider like me

* I love spending most of the day with characters I created rather than real people.

* I can wear what I want, which is handy because I don’t want to look like a teacher when I visit schools.

* I’m too busy writing to cook proper meals so I can eat chocolate or cake all day.

* I go to literary events and meet other writers and now I’m part of my own ‘In’ crowd. Some of my writer friends even think I’m cool! Especially when I bake them a cake.

So don’t worry if you’re not the most popular person in school. Become a writer instead. It’s much more fun.

You can find out more about my life as an author on my website

Thanks Jo. That’s great advice for all of us. If you’d like to read Help I’m an Alien then why not enter the free competition to win a copy here at GHB. Hop on over to our competitions page now.

Alien UK cover



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