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Who would be your backup on a dangerous mission?

Who would you take on a dangerous mission with you?by Andrew Montgomery

That’s the questions that faces many a hero or heroine in novels. Frodo takes Sam. Sherlock travels with Watson. Tintin makes sure Snowy is along for the ride. Most of our favourite adventure stories revolve like the planets do a binary star around a great pair of characters. They tend to fall into certain categories, don’t they? We have the the detective duo, the superhero and sidekick, the romantic couple, the master and servant, the best mates. Sometimes the duo can expand to include a few more characters, such as the mystery solvers of the Harry/Ron/Hermione kind, or back in the day, Julian, Dick and Ann, George and Timmy the dog (from The Famous Five). The point is that most adventures need faithful (or even better treacherous!) companions to get the story ticking along.

So if you are going to imagine your own life suddenly headed off on an amazing story adventure which of your friends do you think would make the best companion? Looking through my own address book, and excluding the hubby and kids, I think I’d take my friend Nigel. He does the kind of medicine that takes him to developing countries, the really wild ones in conflict zones. So if we have an emergency, he is a great guy to pack along, would know how to treat cobra bites and gunshot wounds (see I’m thinking really adventurous!). Whenever I have a tricky medical question (what would happen if you had a sword injury in Viking times?) he knows the answer.

On the other hand, if I had an adventure that required puzzle solving and code cracking, I’d invite along my old friend Clare. An artist and mathematician, she is amazing at this kind of stuff, plus we also laugh a lot.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 17.17.18Have you had a think? If you’ve got an answer, why not join in my competition on Facebook? The prize is a great Herschel backpack and a signed copy of my new book written as Joss Stirling, Shaken.

And if one competition isn’t enough, I’m also running a time-travelling one over at my Julia Golding website.

One thought on “Who would be your backup on a dangerous mission?

  1. I’d take my son Jamie – he knows first aid, jungle survival, wields a mean machete and has an impeccable sense of direction – all things I lack completely. Oh, and we laugh a lot, which is pretty essential on an adventure.

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